Why learning English is important: 5 Reasons to start learning english today

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It comes to no surprise that in today’s world, more and more people are choosing to learn English. With millions of people around the world learning English as their second or third language, you may be wondering why learning English is so popular? Why not Mandarin, which is actually the world’s most spoken language? Or Arabic? Or Hindi? With 6,500 languages in the world, the list goes on…


Learning English has never been more important than it is today. From better job opportunities to greater connections across the world, let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons why learning English is the best decision you can make for your self-improvement journey.


1. You already know many people who speak English!

English- The Global Language

When it comes to learning a new language, we know how important it is to be able to practice speaking the language in REAL LIFE. Imagine deciding to learn a language only to find out that no one in your hometown or neighbourhood can speak that language. Of course, there are tons of digital English learning apps that can help you with this, but nothing really beats face-to-face interactions.


Did you know that 1 in 5 people in the world speaks some form of English?! That is a HUGE number. Additionally, with English already being the official language in 59 countries, you are far more likely to find people who speak English than most other languages. This statistic proves that there will be people in your community who are already trying to learn English and will be more than happy to practice and learn with you!


2. You will have access to greater job opportunities and promotions!

Glish: Why Learning English Provides More Job Oppurtunities

The job market is international these days, meaning employees who can communicate and form relationships with potential partners and clients around the world are considered a huge asset to companies.


For example, imagine there are two people going after one specific job interview in a non-English speaking country. Who do you think the company will choose for the job? The person who speaks the native language or the one who speaks the native language AND English? It’s clear that by being able to speak this global language, you have now added a valuable skill under your belt that will provide employment rewards.


It is obvious why learning English should be your goal if you are looking for new job opportunities within and outside your home country. Being able to speak and understand English can seriously change your life in today’s job market.



3. You can travel and study anywhere!

Glish: Travel and Study Abroad With English

Have you ev
er thought about travelling or pursuing studies abroad? Chances are if you speak some level of English, you will have many more options of universities, colleges and travel programs made available for you!


When you’re travelling and you have a question or need directions, people may not be able to speak your native language, however, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find someone who speaks English that can help. Furthermore, you’ll be able to read street signs, maps, and more, as most countries choose to have their national language translated into English to help foreigners. If you are someone who adores travelling around the world, the ease and convenience the language brings to your travels is why learning English should be a priority for you!


As for studying, some of the world’s greatest and most prestigious colleges and universities offer English programs. If you can speak English, you have a far greater list of educational program choices available for you to pursue! Not to mention, if you are one day in hopes of immigrating to an English speaking country, having studied in an English university will help you through the process of completing English exams and residency paperwork.


4. You’ll be able to enjoy more digital entertainment!

Glish: English in the Digital World

English is the language of the digital world. This means that most of the internet is written in English, with the largest media companies in the world all being English speaking companies. If you improve your English skills, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the digital world.

Movies, TV series, music, blog posts, podcasts, social media, community groups and more are heavily dominated by the English language online! For the simple reason alone of being able to better understand and enjoy the digital media world, you’ll see why learning English can be entertaining and fun!


5. It’s an easy language to learn!

Glish: Why Learning English Is Easy

Now hold on, before you get ready to raise your fists in frustration when I say that English is an easy language to learn! If you take a look at all the languages in the world, English is high up on the list of being one of the easier languages to learn. It is definitely possible to learn English fast and easy in comparison to many other languages! 

When analyzing the grammatical structure of the English language, it is much simpler than most of the European languages today. With only 2 genders, in comparison to up to 20 genders in other languages, and only one definite and indefinite article each, it’s easy to get the general basic grammar structure of English locked into your memory. Then, all you’ll need to focus on is improving and expanding your English vocabulary. 

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Are you convinced yet? No more procrastinating! Start your English language journey today and you’ll soon see why learning English can change your life for the better!  



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