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I’ve been learning a lot on the Glish website and your podcast helps me even more now.

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This podcast is great.
It is very helpful for me to learn English. I love it!

Welcome to English Journey Podcast by Glish.

Tune in for weekly episodes by your host Jasmine, a Canadian language teacher and native English speaker. She will be covering topics such as English slang, vocabulary, idioms, grammar rules, conversation tips and more! She will also be interviewing English language teachers and learners from all over the world. The English Journey Podcast by Glish is the way to go when it comes to learning the English language, anytime, anywhere! Be sure to subscribe to The English Journey Podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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How to be More Confident in English

How to be More Confident in English

This post is inspired by one of our lovely listeners from our podcast (The English Journey Podcast). We were asked what can someone do if they can read and understand everything very well in English but when they try to speak, nothing happens. It’s important...

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