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Lesson 1 : At the coffee shop

You will learn all the vocabulary and English language conversation tips in order to confidently speak English at the coffee shop. From ordering your drink correctly to asking about the various coffee options available, we’ve got you covered. 

15 min.

Lesson 2 : At the hotel

When it comes to booking a hotel room or paying for your stay, this lesson will help your experience in a hotel go by smoothly. You will learn all the necessary vocabulary and English language conversation tips in order to speak English at a hotel with ease.

14 min.

Lesson 3 : At the airport

Airports can be stressful. Whether you need help checking-in to your flight or finding the correct gate at the airport, this lesson will give you all the tools needed to speak with ease.  

14 min.

Lesson 04 : At the post office

Speaking at the post office can be a real hassle! From shipping a parcel to paying duty fees, this lesson will make these tasks easy. You will learn all the necessary vocabulary and English language conversation tips in order to confidently speak English at the post office.  

15 min.

Lesson 05 : At the grocery store

Going to the grocery store in a new country can be exciting but also overwhelming. This lesson will help you with everything you need to know when speaking English at a grocery store. From finding where a specific food item is stored to paying for your groceries, this lesson makes it easy. 

13 min.

Lesson 06 : At the doctor / pharmacy

It’s not always fun to visit the doctor or the pharmacy however, this lesson takes that fear away. We cover all the vocabulary and conversation tips you will need to know, from refilling a prescription or getting a check-up with a doctor, you can book your next appointment and feel reassured.

15 min.

Lesson 07 : At the gym

When it comes to working out, most of us prefer to not talk at all. Still, there are times where speaking will be necessary. Whether you are asking to use a machine or discussing your workout goals with a friend, this Glish lesson has it all.

14 min.

Lesson 08 : At the restaurant

Chances are if you are travelling to an English speaking city, you will go to a restaurant at some point. In this lesson, we prepare you on everything you need to know when speaking English in a restaurant, from how to make a reservation to ordering your meal. 

15 min.

Lesson 09 : At the mall

Shopping can be tiring, especially when you don’t speak the language of the city that you are in. In this lesson, we cover every vocabulary word and conversation tip you will need to know when you go shopping in an English speaking city. 

15 min.

Lesson 10 : At the dentist

While some people may fear visiting the dentist, we never want them to fear speaking English. In this lesson, we go over vocabulary and conversation tips that are necessary when you have to speak English at the dental office, from making an appointment to getting your teeth cleaned.   

15 min.

Lesson 11 : At the bank

While banks can feel intimidating, this lesson provides you with all the knowledge and vocabulary you will need when speaking English at a bank. Whether you are trying to open a new bank account or deposit a cheque, this lesson is for you!


Lesson 12 : On the street

When travelling to a new English speaking city, you may get lost at some point or need help with directions on how to get somewhere. This lesson gives you all the English speaking vocabulary and tips needed so that you can talk to anyone on the street with confidence! 

14 min.

Jasmine Johal


Jasmine is a Canadian living in Toronto, with English being her native language.

After completing a bilingual university degree in Education, she became a certified second-language teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers and has multiple years of experience teaching students.

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We have heard time and time again that traditional teaching methods do not work for everyone. With limited space, access to resources and time with your teachers, in-person learning can be challenging. The beauty of online education is that you get to be your own teacher, allowing you to focus on your own strengths and weaknesses as you learn. You can choose what content is useful for you and what you’d like to learn next!

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