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Frequently asked questions


What is your refund policy?

While we are confident that Glish offers content that is unique and valuable, we understand that we cannot please everyone. If you are not satisfied with our product after 30 days, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee! Please email contact@glish.me for further details.

What equipment will I need to follow your courses?

All you will need is access to an internet connection. Our content is compatible on all devices, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop!

Is online language learning as effective as in-person learning?

We have heard time and time again that traditional teaching methods do not work for everyone. With limited space, access to resources and time with teachers, in-person learning can be quite challenging. The beauty of online education is that you get to be your own teacher, allowing you to focus on your own strengths and weaknesses as you learn. You can choose what content is useful for you and what you’d like to learn next!


I am a beginner at English. Will your courses be too difficult for me?

We offer a wide array of content suitable for all levels of English learners. Our courses are designed with the intention to be understood, regardless of your English level. With that being said, we make sure to state on each course whether it’s suitable for a beginner, intermediate or advanced English learner. If you are not sure what level you are at, take our quiz and we’ll give you course recommendations.

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